ISPOミュンヘン2022開催延期、来年から11月末で定期開催へ                   ISPO MUNICH 2022

毎年1月末に開催されている世界最大の総合スポーツ用品見本市「ISPO MUNICH(イスポ・ミュンヘン)」の開催延期が決定しました。長引く、コロナ禍の影響により2022年1月2326日にドイツ・ミュンヘンで開催を予定していた「ISPO MUNICH 2022」の開催を、112830日に延期を決定しました。


ISPOではウインタースポーツ用品とアウトドアウエア・用品を中心とした「ISPO MUNICH」の開催期間を2022年以降は、毎年11月に開催することを決定。

アウトドア用品をメインとした「OUTDOOR by ISPO(アウトドア・バイ・イスポ)」はこれまで通り毎年6月の開催、中国で開催される「ISPO BEIJING(イスポ北京)」「ISPO SHANGHAI(イスポ上海)」も引き続き継続開催を予定しています。







ISPO Munich shifts to new date

Together with leading sports and outdoor brands, retailers, and industry associations, Messe München has made two ground-breaking decisions: Effective immediately, ISPO Munich will be held permanently at the start of the winter season at the end of November, thus leaving the previous January date. For 2022, this means news dates for ISPO Munich.

Consumer Festival (B2C2B): Nov. 2022, 25th 27th (Friday Sunday)
B2B Tradeshow:
 Nov. 2022, 28th 30th (Monday Wednesday)

The permanent shift in dates is a strategic decision due to the far-reaching market changes of recent years. Industry and retail are facing major shifts in the global supply chain, which also caused changes to order cycles. Scheduling ISPO Munich in January or February, as was previously the case, is therefore too late for many industry participants.

"When the industry changes, we also have to find new ways," says Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München. "The new dates are the ideal response to current and future challenges. Above all, they offer completely new opportunities for industry and trade."



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